I am available for speaking engagements world-wide.  I typically speak at 5-6 conferences a year but am happy to consider every offer.  I am an experienced public speaker and am typically rated among the best at conferences I attend.

If you would like to discuss a speaking opportunity feel free to contact me at shawn at this domain, or just use my contact page.

Speaking at your event

In general, I am available for talks of any length. I cover a range of topics on iOS design and development (including gestures, animation, best practices) to self-publishing, ebooks, and author/entrepreneurship. If you want to get an idea of possible topics, just check out my books.

The only request I make is that my hotel and travel expenses are covered. Speaker fees are negotiable. Some conferences just do a fee while others like to buy some of my books for attendees; some do a combination of both. If you have any ideas just ask.

Upcoming Events

If you would like to see me speak I am booked at the following upcoming conferences:

  • Feb 25-March 1: FMC Class (Objective-C), Boston
  • March 11th: SXSW (Austin, TX)
  • March 25-29: FMC Class (iOS), Boston
  • April 8-10: NAB (Las Vegas)
  • April 16-19: Photoshop World (Orlando)
  • May 5-8: Mac and iOS IT Conference (Vegas)
  • May 12-25: iOS Bootcamp (2 weeks), D.C.
  • May (TBD): X | Media | Lab (London, UK)**

**Scheduling is tentative