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What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us was an interesting project I took on for Guy Kawasaki.  The story is an interesting one, but a big longer than this site probably warrants.  In a nutshell, Guy wanted to self-publish What the Plus but could not get a consistent answer on how to actually do it.

Because I worked for one of the largest publishing companies in the world for 4-5 years as Sr Media Editor during the rise of eBook technology—which in the publishing world means I served as both Sr Product Manager and Sr Producer of non-physical media for books (e.g., eBooks)—I decided to help Guy out.

For this project Guy wrote his his manuscript in Microsoft Word and I laid out, designed, and produced What the Plus on Kindle, iBooks, Google Play and Nook, essentially serving as his self-publish publisher.

In fact, this project has lead to a new project where I will co-author a new book with Guy called, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

To learn more about What the Plus! and to download a copy for yourself, please visit,