Below are a few books I’ve written. Obviously I think they’re great, but since they’re also all 5 star rated on Amazon, here are what some other people had to say:

iOS 5 Core Framework Develop and design is the missing manual for iOS development. It’s a great read and put together the way we develop. The examples are complete and poignant. Its an easy read, and I find myself going back to it as a reference. If you’re new to iOS Development or an old hand at it, there’s something in this manual for you. I purchased the eBook, but am going back to buy the printed version… Its hard to dog ear a eBook… I highly recommend this book, and will look for more from Mr. Welch…

Bill Jackson, Review (iOS 5 Core Frameworks)

I’ve been a developer for quite a while, and I’ve suffered through a LOT of technical books over the years. This book is a pleasure to read. BUY THIS BOOK. It does a great job of bringing technical together with practical which I’ve found absent in a lot of iOS books. If you’re interested in developing apps that are visually pleasing, functional and well thought out buy this book. I’m giving all of my apps a facelift with the knowledge gained from this book.

Michael Scott, Review (From Idea to App)